Sydämeni polkuja – Samuel Salmi (CD/DVD)

In the autumn of 2017, I produced an audiovisual CD/DVD publication, Sydämeni polkuja (i.e. The Paths of My Heart), in which the then Bishop of the Diocese of Oulu, Samuel Salmi, recalled the significant moments of his life in the Oulu Cathedral, where the record releasing concert was held.

I worked in the project as the artistic producer and director, trying to present Salmi’s message to the listener in the most direct and sympathetic way possible.

As the producer of the project, I took care of all the technical stages of the record production. The result was released as a physical product under Sharp Dis-Chord.

The project was commissioned by the Diocese of Oulu. The music was performed by Raimo Paaso (vocals) and Markus Vaara (piano). Matti Vuorma provided diverse photographic material from Lapland.

I also created a trailer video for the project to YouTube.

Rauhan Tervehdys the Lutheran newspaper has an article on the subject here.