La Serva Padrona the Opera

The municipality of Liminka commissioned the performance of G.B. Pergolesi’s opera La Serva Padrona to Liminka Areena in August 2018. The opera was conducted by conductor Maurizio Colasanti and the singers were coached by the world-famous soprano Susanna Rigacci. The orchestra was the Oulunsalo Ensemble chamber orchestra conducted by Sinikka Ala-Leppilampi with the harpsichordist Ivana Francisci. The vocal soloists were Leonora Gennusa and Emilio Marcucci, and the mime was Rossana Di Federico. The opera was also performed a moment earlier as part of the Hailuoto Music Festival 2018.

I worked as a producer on the project, responsible for the practical arrangements and supervision of the translation of the lyrics.