Reflection Landscape (Arviointimaa)

The Reflection Landscape is a picture of an imaginary world. It is based on the idea of ​​a new type of qualitative self-assessment method produced by a working group led by researcher Lasse Erone at the University of Eastern Finland in 2016, in which the gradual development of self-reflection is enhanced by activating the student’s imagination.

When using the Reflection Landscape, the student selects, for example, a symbol representing a certain area of ​​competence, moves it to a place on the picture while explaining aloud the reason why he or she is making that particular move. Therefore, the Reflection Landscape is in principle an open evaluation system.

The Reflection Landscape was originally aimed at the lower grades of primary school, but has since been used by, among others, teaching trainees at the University of Eastern Finland.

I have designed and produced the graphics for the Reflection Landscape and licensed it to the University of Eastern Finland. In addition, I have produced a complete A0-sized product package from the Reflection Landscape, which contains not only the image but also plastic evaluation symbol pins. It allows the Reflection Landscape to be used on the floor with a group or it can be hung on the classroom wall.

The digital web service Narrapix Beta, which I later produced, utilizes the idea of ​​the Reflection Landscape in digital smart devices.