Sharp Dis-Chord Music

Sharp Dis-Chord Music produces original music and arrangements in any genre from a musical idea to a finished result. From pop to classical – done in no time!


Original composition

Classically influenced pieces, ethnic soundscapes, elegant minimalism, technic bustle, folk music. The list goes on. SDC Music offers music composition services for any genre, orchestra of any size, and almost any purpose.

Virtual orchestration

Today, a relatively affordable illusion of an entire orchestra can be achieved with computers. Virtual orchestration is regularly utilized in everything from television to games. With the hybrid method, i.e. mixing virtual with the real deal, extremely convincing soundscapes can be achieved.

SDC Music offers quality virtual orchestration services of all kinds.


Music production

If you want your audio product (whether a CD album, a DVD, or online product) to be planned, recorder, mixed, mastered, or even fully produced, SDC Music can offer you a competitive service with both the technical skills and artistic vision.


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