SDC Music Eero Karvonen

Sharp Dis-Chord Music

Sharp Dis-Chord Music produces original music and arrangements in any genre from a musical idea to a finished result. Pop or classical - done in no time!

And I, Eero Karvonen, stand behind every note.

Virtual orchestration

An affordable illusion of an entire orchestra can be achieved with computers! As I have grown up among orchestral instruments, computers, and classical music, this certainly is one of my "favorite things".

The example piece is the essentials of Oblaka Symphony, which I composed in 2010.

World music

Ethnic soundscapes, elegant minimalism, digital and recorded instruments.

A client project soundtrack, Roll & Rock, serves as an example. The soundtrack is available as a separate product here.

Technic bustle

People often think that I make electronic music, since the second most important instrument to my brain is the computer. Well, these folks are not completely wrong - because I do that too, when it's required.

As an example, StarCatcher Swing that I composed for a game called StarCatcher.

Would you like to order a composition or ask for more?